Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I was looking for something bright and cheery today. I have a headache (I gave up Pepsi). So, I'm trying to get over it. UGH! So far, it's not working. I'll have a breakdown soon. I'll get my caffeine from the Excedrin!!! Anyway, I wanted to get out of the gloom and remembered this great card from the class.

I love the kaleidoscope paper collections from TAC. I can always figure out really fun and cool things to do with them. I think I may have been thinking about Disney world when I made this card. Those silly swirly lollipops always make me think of Mickey Mouse. I'm not really sure why! Anyway, the stamp set is from the Serendipity Magalogue. You know the one with the cupcake in it.

I gave this card to one of my tutoring kids at school and told him to have a great summer. He said, 'is there a lollipop in the bag too?' Nope just some dopey cheetah toy I found at the dollar tree. I think he'll like the cheetah better anyway. He's a huge animal lover.

Since we started a theme with my tutoring kids, I'll show you the card that I gave to my other student. She is such a sweet girl and tries so hard. She loves chocolate and snickers are her favorite. So, I gave her a king size snicker bar. Then, her teacher says to me did she tell you her FCAT score in reading? Of course, I said no. So, then she says,'I got a 3.' Well, any of you that don't live in Florida won't be able to relate but this is a big deal. It means that she is on grade level. I was so happy. It's great to know that the help she received actually worked for her. She is so motivated by that score that she is taking summer courses via the Internet to possibly move up to the grade that she belongs in. It brings tears to my eyes.
All supplies used here are TAC. The flowers came from the new flower embellishments in the Serendipity magalogue. The red on the end attached with the brads are from bazzill. I can't remember exactly what they are called but they are a great little added touch.
I'll try to post again Friday. Maybe it will get your mojo flowing for the weekend.


StampinCarol said...

Both your cards are wonderful! Love the colors of each. The lollipop looks good enough to eat!

Trudy Osborn said...

Love both of these cards! The first one is fun and yummy looking. The second has such an elegant look, black and white does that so well

Lori said...

Great cards! Congrats to the little girl who raised her score! It's so exciting to watch kids learn and grow.

inkmistress said...

Great cards! I'm kinda partial to the black, white & red one though!


stampin'fool said...

those are really great cards