Saturday, October 11, 2008

One of many

great projects that is....

I was not going to post anything until the winner of blog candy had been announced but decided against that.

I had an awesome time at the Completely Christmas class last night. We blasted out 10 projects in 2 hours. Fantastical!!! I believe everyone had a wonderful time. I have to say that I didn't think it could be done but we did it. I guess it definitely helps to have everything pre-cut.

Tonight I'm posting one of our many great projects. I'm having a really hard time deciding which one was my favorite. My little Mark created all of the projects with us last night. I asked him to pick his favorite. That is the one we'll be talking about today. In the TAC catalog, it is called a fold over treat envelope. I think that it would need to be bigger to be a treat bag. I called it a gift card holder.

The directions are on page 123 of the catalog.

Items used: Amelia card stock b-317, Amelia v-838, Amelia ribbon b-217, giga scallop punch d-701, copper brad, burnt umber palette ink tt-218, trendy greetings t-2144, and on the inside the top of a paper bag.

Jo Ann really liked this project because it kept us 'green'. That should give you a hint about what my next blog will be. You may not be able to figure it out. Especially if you weren't able to attend.

Speaking of Jo Ann, she is now on her way home. I believe that about now she should be boarding a plane leaving Detroit and heading to Indianapolis. She and Chad got to fly together as far as Atlanta today. I guess that it's good they could keep each other company. However, I am now again without any adult conversation. You will probably be reading multiple post from me this week. If I can't talk to adults, at least I can type to them!LOL

While Jo Ann was here, we got to do many great projects. She taught me how to make a bottle cap ring. REALLY cool! Barb Foster taught us how to color via email! Of course, KellyRae was her normal helpful self. She gave us loads of helpful suggestions about multiple things. It rained a lot while she was here. Unfortunately, we were not able to go to the beach. Therefore, she is just as pale now as she was upon arrival. That really stinks. I always love an excuse to go to the beach and we just couldn't get there. I even set aside a whole day and thought of a bribe for the boys. (Can you believe that they don't like the beach?) Well I've typed my fingers off and your eyes are probably all crossed.

Hope you had a supreme Saturday and have a specTACular Sunday.


suzann said...

love the project, post the others ones though, i would love to see what you guys did, i am sorry i missed it, everyone said they really had a great time, i might just use the project for myself for christmas this year, since everyone is getting a gift card because shipping a box now is ridiculous...have a great day.


kellyrae said...

Hi Suzanne, very cute project, I like the colors and the sassy ribbons on the side. I also saw the other project that uses the rest of the are TOO clever! (and I'm always happy to share tips and tricks, glad I could help you and Jo Ann)

Shannon said...

Very Creative!