Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Before it became left overs!

I had previously posted about left overs (though it was some time ago!) Well today is the original long before there were even left overs to be thought of!!! If you're in need of any directions, go to the left overs post. The only thing that really changed is there is now a tree. It was cut from the cricut. I have 22 cartridges. So, I'm unsure which one it came from. I'm rather obsessive about my cartridges. I just have to have them. I never pay full price though. In all reality, I probably only pay 1/2 price for any of them. So, I don't feel bad about owning as many as I do. My dear friend Tracy makes tons of fun of me. If I mention that I've recently gotten a new one, her comment is usually 'oh, they must have come out with a new one because you all ready own all of them.' or 'you mean there was one that you don't all ready have.' What a smart alec! I know it's a problem. I'd rather be addicted to buying these kinds of things instead of having an illegal addiction. No drugs in my house!!! At least none that aren't doctor prescribed.LOL! I've probably run on long enough. Most of you have all ready scrolled down to see the card. Without further adieu---

Final reminder: If you'd like to attend the Completely Christmas class, I need to hear from you by tomorrow (Thursday) at the absolute latest.

Drum roll please........... My 25th inspirational post!!!! Keep commenting until Sunday. I will use the random number generator and announce a blog candy winner on Monday. Remember, the prize is a ribbon collection. It is quite possible that I will throw in extras! Let me hear your thoughts.

Hope your Wednesday was a winner!


Steve Ballmer said...

Very nice blog!

Mybiz said...

oh how funny. but so true. i love all stamping stuff!!!
dont have much cartridges yet, I think I have three, but i know one day i will have more lol ;)
and i always wait for the sales too :)

Sharon said...

Nice card. I love the Cricut! I just got mine. Now -like you, I have to start my cartridge collection!! They are on my Christmas list but then of course card making stuff is ALWAYS on my list!! Sharon W

suzann said...

you could rent out your cartridges, god only knows that you own them all, jsut think of the small fortune you would make renting them out, you could probably make back what you apid for


Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

cute fall card!!