Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celebrate you!

It's another card from the FUN shop Tuesday. I like the colors in this one. I'm a blue lover. It's rather manly except for the crystal brads but hey! What's wrong with a little bling? What do you call those kind of guys? Metro sexual I think. Something like that anyway!! Can you tell that I'm not in tune with the jargon of this era! Man, it makes me feel old. Is bad good or is it really bad? and is it fat(like me) or phat? I think things still totally rock though! Don't they?! I keep meaning to check out that urban dictionary. Maybe I'll go to that site after I finish up here. Hmmm!!

So, I know that you can't read the saying in this picture but the next one is better with the side angle.

I used the just like dad collection v-925, v-108 blue 1 card stock, and the new canvas palette ink tt-185. The stamp set is the all occasion icons again (same as yesterday) t-2882.

I believe this post makes it two more until blog candy. I can hardly wait.

Mark's glasses are in. We'll pick them up tomorrow. What a wonderful excuse to take pictures of my youngest boy!! I'm so excited.

Hope you had a wonderful Wednesday. Looking forward to a totally tubular Thursday.


suzann said...

hey suzanne,

love this card simple but flashy, can't wait until my fun shop...have a great day


kellyrae said...

I didn't recognize the Just Like Dad papers at first, I LOVE how those patterns look on this card!

Sharon said...

cute card!