Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Today was my first ever daytime FUN shop! Granted I've had hostess clubs during the day but I know all of my club and would like to think that I'm good friends with all of them. So, it's never a shock to do a club event.

I have to say today was a little shock. Definitely not a bad shock. I loved getting to know all of my teachers friends much better. Out of school with their hair down in a figurative sense. Boy, you girls sure can talk. I LOVE IT!!! I get so little adult conversation. I just soaked it all up. I actually got to put something forth other than help with homework and breaking up a fight. It was soooooo great. We are going to have to do it more frequently. I just love getting out of the house.

Now, on to what you've all been waiting for. (dunh, duh, da, duh) Just a little side humor there!!!LOL

This is my favorite card of the three that we did today. Of course, I didn't have enough pink paper. Everyone else had black paper in the middle where mine is pink. Their scalloped area was black too. The theme was birthday cards but this one could really just be about any kind of feminine card.

Here is the list of strictly TAC supplies that I used: v-922 uptown girl paper collection, d-437 bitty blossom, d-301 shimmer brad, tt-198 bordeaux palette ink, and finally d-700 scalloped circle. I guess I can't forget the white card stock. I have such a wide variety of card stock that I can't guarantee it is from TAC.

Only 3 more inspirations to go until blog candy.

Terrific Tuesday to everyone. I hope that your Wednesday isn't too wild.

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