Thursday, October 30, 2008

Been a while!!!

I didn't abandon you. I was busy catching up on swaps that I'm suppose to participate in. Now, I have a cold. So, I haven't been my best this past week. Also, basketball season has started for the Edwards boys. We are sooo busy. If one doesn't have practice, the other does. Plus, school for Tyler and Mark doesn't start until 9:30 which means that they don't get out until 4. Then practices start sometime between 5 and 6. We have to cram dinner and homework into that tiny one hour window.

So, as I said, I had a few swaps to prepare. I have to warn you! I'm not posting my completed swap. I don't want the surprise to be ruined for anyone who participates in the swap and also reads my blog. Therefore, what you will be seeing are my attempts at my swap before the finished product. I'm only showing you one today. Oh, and one other thing, the reason none of the ones you will be seeing are swaps is because I TOTALLY DO NOT LIKE THEM. I like the concept but not the finished product. I think it is the colors. My dh and I both agree that they need to be either brighter or more traditional colors. By the way, he said that's as far as he was willing to go with his gayness!!!!LOL He then exited the room very quickly!!! It was great. I suppose you probably had to be here.

Ta Da....

Supplies used: winter tags t - 2799, reece swic v - 846, reece card stock b - 325, burnt umber palette ink tt - 218 and white card stock.

The background just all blends together. I was trying something different for the reindeer. I just wanted to see what the colors looked like because I knew this would not be the end result. So, you probably want to ignore them. Also, the white card stock on the muted colors is just way to loud.

Go ahead and tell me how awful it is. Trust me, you will not hurt my feelings at all. In the end, I didn't even use this stamp set or the layout. I did use the reece swic. That's the only hint that I'm going to give.

Have a fantastic day!


Barb said...

Hi, Suzanne! I like the muted background papers, but you are right about the white cardstock. I also liked how all of the reindeer are different colors... it gives each one their own personality! :)

CREATE=FUN said...

oh wow u are busy ;)
our work as a mom is never done!
but in the end we love been moms ;)

great job on your card, its so cute.

Melissa said...

hI i a fellow angel on angel hood 4, i just wanted to say I love your card. I didnt even know we had this stamp. Now i have to look at our catalog.

Nice to meet you.
Melissa Dahan

Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

These little guys are so cute!!

Shannon said...

oooh this is cute... and I have this set... thanks for the inspiration!

kellyrae said...

These are cute sassy reindeer. I've received your final swap card and see how you morphed from this idea to the final. I LOVE seeing your thought process. So with the reindeer panel, did you try adding bling to their bell collars? Or to the background (like embossed holly swirls). And then what about sponging and/or distressing the white panel with haystack or something? I agree with Barb, the different colors help identify the reindeer's personalities (OMG totally mixed metaphors!!! but you KWIM).