Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Harvest

Hi! I have a swap card for you today. I really love it. I used the cricut, a leaf punch, some card stock I got from target and one lonely TAC stamp. Simple and sophisticated!

I used the burnt umber palette ink tt-218 and the trendy greetings stamp set t-2144.

I have a FUN shop tomorrow. So, I will be showing you some things we did there. You will have tons of inspiration this week. I will probably end the week with a picture of Mark in his new glasses. Be on the lookout!!!

Happy Monday and have a great Tuesday.


suzann said...

just remembered as i am reading your harvest blog that i told you i would return those stamps today...sorry the day got by me again, how about we try for another day, let me know which one is good for you..sorry again..


Kim said...

Love this. Simple but very elegant. Can't wait to see what you can show us from your fun shop.

Sharon said...

Very nice. Simple but yet an attractive card.

Michelle said...

Great card! Love that tree.

Shannon said...

Love the leaves fallin from the tree. Too cute!