Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monthly Calendars

I've finished the calendars....well, most of the calendars. 26 calendars is a lot. I've finished 15. I have to make 13 of each. So, all of June is finished and only 2 of February. I'm equally excited about both of them. Tell me how you feel.

Weather bulletin

Now for your local Port St. Lucie weather update. According to the news, we've received 14 inches of rain. It is still raining just not continuously. Definitely not getting the accumulation we were. Many people have had terrible flooding. Fortunately, we are not among that group. There are several models saying this storm will go north along the coast and hit land again around Jacksonville and then travel into Georgia. A few other models put it going across the panhandle and back into the gulf and across the bottom of the state again. I'm hoping for the first model. We could use a reprieve from this rain. I'd also like for school to be back in session. It looks like the boys won't return there until at least Monday. We should have more info in that regard sometime Sunday.

Hope you enjoyed the calendars.


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