Friday, August 22, 2008


I received one of those much anticipated phone calls last night. It was the school board calling to say that school would be back in session on Monday. HOORAY!!!!

I have so many ideas running thru my brain right now. I can hardly wait until Monday. I will say be prepared for more scariness. Is that even a word? I have another Halloween card in mind. I've also got an idea for a fall card. My most favorite idea is an altered item. My good friend Kathleen gave me the idea. That's all that I will say about it for now. Tune in Monday for the finished product.

Is there something you want to see? Send me some thoughts and I'll try to publish something on the blog specifically for you. You also might want to start posting comments. I'm in the process of developing a prize/points type system. I'll let you know all of the details when I finalize my system.

Hope to hear from everyone soon!!


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