Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, I would have liked to have finished more but this is the only one for today. It's simple but cute. Don't you think? I've learned that it is difficult for me to think in my stamping room when the boys are on the computer. They make a lot of noise.

I used white card stock and purple card stock from Michael's. I believe the ribbon also came from Michael's. The stamp set t-2795 trick or treaters, green card stock v-850 hip hop, and noir palette ink tt-220 all came from TAC. I used decorative scissors to cut around the edges of the boo which is a gift with purchase stamp in the current TAC catalog. I also used the same scissors around the green behind the Frankenstein. I used a green gel pen around the outer edges of the card and around the edges of the white. I colored Frankenstein with colored pencils.

How about this rain?! We have drained water from the pool twice now. I'm just guessing but I'd say that we've drained a total of 8-10 inches. If it doesn't slow down, we will soon be draining more. I'm not familiar with tropical storms and hurricanes. This is my first since moving to Florida. We did see a minor part of Katrina while living in Louisiana but we were nowhere near the area where it made landfall. I have to say if you get this much rain with a tropical storm what will an actual hurricane bring!!!!! Holy cow! The winds have even picked up since making landfall. I know that is an uncommon occurrence. So, I guess we'll just keep expecting the unexpected for now.

I don't know how much coverage is making the national news but some streets are so severely flooded here that people are being brought to their houses via dump trucks because normal cars cannot navigate the streets. I can't imagine. This is pretty far east of us. Much closer to the coast but I did see the name of one friends street on the news. People were having to be towed after driving onto it. It's not even near the area that I first told you about.

We, knock on wood, aren't having any problems at this point. I suppose if the grass gets too saturated draining the pool into it could prove to be difficult. I think that is pretty minimal considering.

On to more exciting things!!! Tomorrow, I hope to have both of my calendar pages finished. I participate in a swap every year. This year I'm doing 2 months. If I get them finished, I will post them. Maybe they will give some of you inspiration to do your own. If so, send me the link. I'd love to see them.


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Anonymous said...

Very cute card!!
Lil' Frankie is adorable!!-Sharon