Monday, November 10, 2008


I recently participated in a random mail stamp challenge. Barb Foster of the blog 'fosters design house' is the originator. You can link to her site from my side bar.

Anyway, she sent me two previously stamped images. My challenge was to incorporate the two stamped images into a card, scrapbook page or other altered item. The two images she sent were the pregnant lady (only her shirt was colored) and the black stamped circle image at the bottom of the card. I decided to make a baby shower card out of the images. I still don't know if I 100% love the card but there are elements of it that are totally cool. I went way out of my typical box!!! I'm braking my arm by patting myself on the back for that one.

I purchased the hinges for a scrapbook page that I made previously. I received a second place award for that page but that's a story for another day. I took several pictures of this card. I only put two of them here. I wanted to make sure that you could tell that the hinges actually work. That's the part I'm braking my arm about!!! You just pull on the little tab that says you're invited and it opens! In the next photo, you'll notice the date, time, place, etc... stamp behind the lady. What a concept! Who would have ever thought that I could do something so cool? (not me)

So, every element of this card is TAC, except for the border punch. I despise Martha Stewart but I have to give her kudos for these cool tools. I just love them. I'm hoping that TAC will have some in the new catalog. They just give the card a little extra pizazz. We have some card stock strips that work along the same concept but they only come in certain colors. I'm a matchy, matchy kind of gal. So, they just don't work for me all the time.

**So, I'm wondering. Would any of my blog followers like to participate in a challenge?

+ another side note - I recently reminded all of you about some events that I'm hostessing here at the house. Please respond to those by Monday the 17th. Thanks so much!

Hope your Wednesday isn't too wacky!


Sharon said...

I am always up for a challenge!! :)

Barb said...

Suzanne, thanks so much for participating in this challenge! Your card is awesome... I especially LOVE the tabbed hinged part (interactive cards and SB pages are the best!). Great job finishing off the coloring, too!!