Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Update - Holly Days

I forgot to fill everyone in on how I did the Holly Days cards. KellyRae and Suzann commented on the embossing. Guess what ladies? There is absolutely NO embossing on these cards. I did have to use the heat gun though. Brilliance ink doesn't dry very fast. I used the s-293 starlight silver brilliance ink with the t - 2938 holly flourishes to get the effect along the sides of the card. TOO COOL! I'm glad that it looked like more work than it actually was! The paper is the v - 846 Reece SWIC. For the card without the picture, I used the Happy Holidays sentiment in the t - 2925 holly swirls.

They are 2 totally separate cards. On the picture one, I just edged the picture with card stock and mitered the edges. I hope to see some of your creations soon.

Have a great evening!


suzann said...

thanks suzanne, that is pretty cool, it really looks like embossing...


KellyRae said...

No WAY! That is not embossed? I've got to get some of that ink. It looks fabulous against the patterned paper.