Friday, September 5, 2008


Recently, someone said that I was in a card frenzy. It's begun again. My brain is in overdrive and my hands can't keep up. I keep thinking of so many ways to revamp the last card that I did.

However, this post is all about leftovers!!! I finished up a swap tonight. These are the pieces that I had left from that card. I don't want to show you the original card until the swap has been returned. I don't want anyone from that swap to see!!LOL If you've ever done a swap, you know that the waiting to see everyone else's is the best part! Writing this post, I've just come up with another idea!! More leftovers if you can believe it.

The original title for this post was FALL FRENZY! It seems that is what all of my cards have been about lately. So, I thought why not, I'm in a frenzy anyway. Then, I typed leftovers so many times, I had to rename the whole post!! I know. I know! I'm a dork!! I have to keep these posts interesting though or you'll just scroll down to the picture and that will be the end of it. What fun would that be?

The only bad part about this card is that only 2 items came from TAC. Happy Harvest saying is part of the t - 2144 trendy greetings set and the palette ink is tt - 218 burnt umber.

Have FAB weekend!


Anonymous said...

You're blog is very insperational!! Love the left over card!! Sharon Wallace

maria meier said...

love the leftove card. Cute Idea.

suzann said...


Love the leftovers, but mostly I love how you keep your cards very simple but yet elegant..I have tried to do other peoples cards and they become to complicated, I like your because pretty much anyone can do it and not feel overwelmed and frustrated..thanks so much for your awesome ideas..


kellyrae said...

Great design, I can't believe it's just from leftovers. I really like how you incorporated patterned paper.