Friday, July 9, 2010

Thanks so much!

Hi Everyone!  It's been a while!  Here's a little something from TAC it's called awesome blossoms.  I love this set.

I wanted to thank everyone for continuing to visit my blog even though I haven't been consistent.  I haven't really been in a stamping mood lately.  However, my great friend Brenda helped me clean up my craft room and now my hands are itching to get in there and stamp away.  The bad thing is my husband is on vacation this week so that is wreaking havoc on my play time!!  Tomorrow is another day!

So, here's to all of you:

BTW, I just ordered tons of new stamps from TAC so you will be seeing lots of great new things soon!

Thanks and have a great weekend!


Patti J said...

Nothing like a clean stamp room to rev up that mojo! Hope to see some pretties soon. Your card is beautiful!

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