Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas layout

Today's post comes from a monthly class that I give to a group of senior high school girls.  They have to have a certain amount of creative hours every 9 weeks or something of that nature.  So, since it's their senior year, I asked if they'd like to scrapbook it and earn those hours at the same time.  There are 4 girls.  We work on 6 books every month.  The one I work on is for a gift for a friends daughter for next year.  The other girls work on their own plus one of them is doing one for her boyfriend.  We have to tone down the bling in his just a little but for the most part it works.

I'm actually very fond of this layout.  I think I may use it for my own book too!

Supplies used:  v-237 scarlet cardstock (this is my all time favorite red), v-233 dark green cardstock, t-2804 fancy curls

What do you think?

Hope your Tuesday is T-rrific!


KellyRae said...

Definitely a keeper layout. How marvelous that you would do that for the girls.

Patti J said...

Great layout Suzanne! You did this with the girls last year too, didn't you? What a nice thing to do! U rock, my friend!

Trudy Osborn said...

Great pages! What a fun way to spend time together AND get things done for school