Monday, August 10, 2009

An Art Share project

Good morning everyone,

Recently, I participated in Barb's art share project. This is one of the most difficult swaps that I've participated in. You have to share something that suits the person you are giving it to. Well, considering that I don't know Barb that well, I had some difficulty. Let's see...about Barb - She's an angel, lives in KS, is GREAT about sharing any knowledge, loves Halloween, and oh, yeah...she loves her dogs. Hey, I can use that one!! So, before seminar, I was in Michael's and they have these cute house shaped wood cut outs. Hmmm...a dog house?!

This is what I came up with while trying to use up the rest of my (regular) Mimi collection.
Have a Marvelous Monday! See ya again tomorrow!


Trudy Osborn said...

Aww, This is so adorable

Patti J. said...

Very cute Suzanne! Love that Mimi paper, don't you??? And what an adorable face on that pooch!!! Great job!

Barb said...

It IS adorable! And even more so in real life... I LOVE it! It now hangs off of my shelving unit that is right in front of my desk so I see it every time I look up... thank you so much, Suzanne, it is perfect :)