Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Updates and new inspiration!

Good news! Good news! Things have changed on my blog!!!! Our paperwings angelhood 4 has recently been renovated and we've become angelhood 3. There are a couple of new gals. I haven't been able to stalk their blogs recently. However, I have stalked Carol in the past and loved her work. I haven't had the opportunity to check out Cindy Lou yet but promise to before logging off tonight.

So, I have to tell you the news! I had a class Monday night! Can I just say OMG?! I don't text but I love those letters. They really make you think something exciting is going to be happening. That was definitely Monday for me!!!!! So, here's the gist. I found out Wednesday that someone would like to have a class. (Christmas of course!) I ran home and threw out some dates. By Thursday evening, Monday was picked. By Friday night I was suppose to have a class of 5. No problem, I can whip that out in a heartbeat. (Generally, I'm not a procrastinator.) Tyler had the stomach flu on Thursday night into Friday. I knew I'd be home all day and could work on cutting stuff for the class. I always do this to make the classes quicker. Pasting only for my classes!!! So, I checked out some magazines to get some ideas. I have to say very few of these were totally original to my little brain. We did 8 cards and 2 little projects. I want to stress the little in projects!!! One card was the previously posted penguin in a snowstorm. Another I stamplifted from Laurie's blog. I'll be posting it in this post towards the end. I'll post the others every day from here until I run out of them. I got them from multiple magazines so I'm not sure on each's exact location. I can tell you that I tried to change them (even if just slightly.) Whoa!! I got a little off track there. I procrastinated Friday knowing that 5 was no big deal. Saturday, I watched the Gators BEAT Bama with my dh. Sunday, OH NO!!, I got what Tyler had. YIKES!!!! Still don't have anything cut--it's a good thing because Monday morning when the final class count rolls in via email, I've got 8, count them e-i-g-h-t, eager stampers! Oh no, what am I going to do. Stamp, cut, and design all day long. Nothing else, not a blasted thing. Good thing dh was away until after 11 pm (business in Atlanta for the day). (LOL, my house was even decent (not good) when he returned home!)

Now, I've rambled on forever about this class. I just have to thank all of those ladies. This was my biggest class EVER! I think that we did rather well. I'm sorry that I had to bail before the last card was complete. (This sitter had to get up for school by 5:30 am) I don't even get up that early!!! Nicole, I'm so glad that staz-on came out of your table. You'll have to get me the name of that great GREEN cleanser.

So, here is my stamplifted reindeer courtesy of Laurie!

It was so well loved that I'm taking my cricut cartridge to school tomorrow to cut more antlers. Someone will be using this prototype for their Christmas cards this year! Hooray!

If you have any questions about this card, feel free to email me.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Laurie Unger said...

This turned out awesome! Glad it was a hit at your class!

kellyrae said...

Ohmigoodness! This is a darling card. So simple and so CUTE!

Barb said...

This is the cutest thing! Reindeer in a snowstorm... freakin' adorable!