Sunday, December 14, 2008

Easy, breezy

This is probably the easiest card I've ever made. It's really super cute! Sometimes, simple is the best thing. When you get too many details going, people don't know what to look at first or their head hurts from trying to look at it all at once.

Let's see what was used in this card: green card stock, red card stock, finger paints (retired) printed paper, a scallop punch, l'amore red palette ink, one of those great cross stitching plastic canvas things and a white gel pen. The cross stitch canvas helps to keep the gel pen dots in a straight and orderly line.

Some of the gals at the class did lots of different things with the dots. Very creative bunch of gals, they were!!! I remember one of them did a straight line of dots all the way across the top and then across the bottom. Another did all four corners like I did the two. What a way to be an individual!!

Hope your Tuesday was great!

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