Sunday, October 19, 2008

Questions answered (I hope)

Yikes! I think I may have just posted a title only by mistake! Sorry about that.

For all of your questions regarding my last post. I hope this answers them. I started with a piece of glossy card stock, a few pieces of paper towel and some coordinating inks. I wanted to use primary colors on this card as it was for a kindergarten teacher. As I said before, the goal was to look tie-dyed and I don't feel that I achieved this. However, I started with my lightest color wadded the paper towel up into a ball and dabbed ink onto it. Then, in a circular motion, I rubbed the middle of the (glossy) card stock. I got a NEW piece of paper towel and moved onto the next color, so on and so forth. I just went around the edges of what I'd finished as I went to the next color.

To color the little cutie that says you rock: I used wood less colored pencils, mineral oil, and blending stumps. You just outline whatever you're coloring, dip your blending stump into the mineral oil and in a circular motion work to the inside of the item you're coloring. Here are a few side notes on that technique: 1. mineral oil and baby oil are the same thing except that baby oil has an added fragrance and cost more.(thanks for the info Jo Ann.) 2. I tried using regular crayola colored pencils and could not really tell a difference between them and the wood less colored pencils that cost significantly more.

I hope this answers every ones questions. I will quickly go over the colored pencil part of the technique at my hostess club meeting tomorrow.

By Tuesday, I should be back to my regular inspirational postings. Right now, I'm working on a gift for my newest second cousin Evan. I hope to post a picture of it tomorrow afternoon.

Hope your weekend was a winner.


suzann said...

hey suzanne, had a blast today at my fun shop, hope you did too, so excited that you taught us how to blend, what a diffrence it makes to a page...

Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

Oh wow, I had never heard of that colorization technique. TFS!!