Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Out of shape!!!

Literally, no joke. It's a proven fact. I'm out of shape. Hah! Those of you who've seen me recently are saying to yourselves (she's just now realizing this.) No, seriously, I've known for a while just didn't want to admit it. However, today I rode Tyler's bike over to school for him to ride home. I am going to blame part of this soreness on his bike but the majority is my fault.

Speaking of Tyler for just a minute, I knew I was forgetting something on that darn calendar. He had to go to the orthodontist today. Of course, we were almost late. I didn't feel bad though. They forgot to do their reminder calls. LOL!

So, now back to the out of shape. I've got to get there quick. I have to ride bikes back and forth to school from now until doomsday! The only thing that will stop my boys will be the weather. YIKES! How long do you think my rear end will be sore?

Now, you're all saying 'what exactly does this have to do with paper crafting?' Hold your horses! I'm leading up to the big finish. Ha!ha! When I finally do get into shape, do you think I'll look anything like the little guy on this card?

My thoughts exactly! I'll definitely have to be dead, a skeleton no less to be in shape!

Enough humor for one day! I'll try to find something inspiring for you later in the week.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


suzann said...

love it, and whoever told you that you were out of shape is wrong, i think you look great (if you want to start running let me know, i would love to train with you...) talk to ya soon.


Sharon said...

Cute card, Suz!!

monica said...

Cute card Suzanne even when I feel like poo you still are one that can make me laugh!!!
love and miss you

stampin'fool said...

rotflmbo. I love this blog. I know what you mean. I wish I could get in shape. lol.

Melisa Waldorf Angel #4405 said...

Too funny! Your card is so cute. I'm just making the Angelhood 4 rounds and introducing myself. I just joined and I look forward to stalking your blog for inspiration!

Beverly said...

LOL! If you look at the pic at the reduced size (w/o clicking on it), it kinda looks like even he's given up on the bike & "thumbing" for a ride! Must be all that candy he's hauling....cause he has no hiney! CUTE card!! Have a great weekend!

Barb said...

Great card, Suzanne! And thanks for the chuckle today!