Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Autumn Wishes

I really like this card. Unfortunately, neither picture does it justice. I think that it's simple but elegant. Of course, I tend to be biased (usually against my work.) I did this one for a fall themed swap with a group on Paper wings. If you've never checked out the site you should. Here is the link: It is strictly The Angel Company.

That said, you will understand why every single element of this card is TAC. The background paper is the Winchester SWIC v - 835, stamp set Autumn Swirls t - 2926, the card stock (I think) is Winchester card stock b - 316, the ribbon came from the Reece ribbon collection b - 228 and finally the ink is from the brilliance planetarium set-cosmic copper.

Normally, I wouldn't use 2 different color of ribbon. However, I just thought this was way too boring with only the beige. The green is a sheer so, it blended with the background paper and you couldn't see it at all. Now, you know the reason I used 2.

Along with this swap, I did a Halloween one too. Tomorrow you will see that one.

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