Sunday, August 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Oops! It's not December.

This is what happens when you guys comment. I go crazy!!! Lucky for me! Now 2 of my Christmas cards are finished.

My poor, sweet, husband hates himself for converting the office into a stamping/scrapbooking room for me.

Wait until you see what I've done!!! I cannot take 100% of the credit. I was web surfing earlier and found this idea. I did expand on it and make some changes.

Here are the TAC supplies that I used:

Card stock - v-237 scarlet, v - 234 green, v - 290 white, v - 246 black
Palette inks - TT - 185 new canvas, TT - 215 jardin moss
Brilliance ink - s - 293 starlite silver
Stamp sets - T - 2820 just a note, T - 2938 holly flourishes, T - 2923 holly swirls

The brad, ribbon and ribbon charm were just supplies that I keep around. I don't believe that they are TAC but I can't be positive about that.


Same concept just different papers and inks. Unfortunately, the printed papers on this layout are no longer available. They are from TAC's vintage holiday paper collection. Other than that, the palette ink is TT - 195 L'Amore red and the happy holidays stamp came from the T - 2144 trendy greetings set. All other stamp sets, inks and card stock are mentioned above.

Sorry that last picture didn't turn out so great. I think it must have been a glare from the flash. The stamp saying is holiday wishes. It also came from one of the sets mentioned at the top.

There is plenty of room for posting, as you can see. One other take that you may want to use: if you don't like your handwriting, instead of stamping the just a note lines, you could type it out on the computer and cut it down to the size specifications. Just remember to put card stock into the paper tray instead of your normal copy paper.

I hope to have more for you this week. Due to today's masterpieces, I will need to clean the stamping/scrapbooking room and start over. This is bad news for me because I'm a messy scrapbooker!!!!

Hope you all have a splendid rain free week!!



suzann said...

thank you so much suzanne,

i am definately going to use your idea for the 4th picture , since i did by all those christmas labels last year at bj's i did not use them, so i am going to use your concept except use the labels for the front and the boys pics on the inside with the happy holidays stamp in the middle, love it...


KellyRae in Arizona said...

I hadn't seen this idea before. I can foresee grandparent gifts (oh wait, I AM a grandparent lol). Thanks for the inspiration.

Lori said...

I'm going to have to try this one. My brother is a professional Santa so this would be a great one to give him.

Barb said...

these are great! i may have to give one a try...